We help young, innovative businesses to grow and large companies to re-invent themselves.


MOST Foundation is a Polish NGO based in Warsaw, established in 2003. MOST is active in the field of high-tech-driven entrepreneurship and education. We are committed to building an entrepreneur-friendly society and implementing circular economy principles to increase the number of sustainable businesses in Poland and the EU.

We provide professional consultancy services in the area of: growth strategy, strategic communication, IP protection, research and technological development, business modelling and sustainable development. We organise networking events, training and mentoring sessions, evangelise about the importance of cultivating the entrepreneurship culture, improving technologies and implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

MOST has the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification and Business Environment Institution and Innovation Centre accreditation by the Polish Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology.

MOST initiatives include i.e.:

  • personalised acceleration programmes for positive impact startups;
  • consulting services for SMEs (implementing new sustainable solutions, finding business partners, searching for funding opportunities, executing innovation audit);
  • facilitating internationalisation process;
  • conducting and supporting SMEs in implementation and management of R&Dprojects;
  • boosting entrepreneurial mindset and skills through Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme as accredited Intermediary Office;
  • supporting digitalisation and UN SDGs implementation through participation in the jury of the World Summit Awards, organized by the International Centre for New Media under the UN patronage.

We encourage companies to create and test new solutions that favour sustainable development.

MOST has a proven 10+ years of experience in project management in various areas (ICT, IT, SDG education, communication) and for diverse audiences (SMEs, startups, academia, NGOs) in Poland and Europe.

In the past MOST helped Coordinators and Consortia Partners in designing exploitation and dissemination strategy and plan for the project, both at the state of preparing the „Impact” section of a proposal as well as at the project execution stage.

MOST was a participant or coordinator of various international projects where building networks was a crucial task (3S 2006-2009: 6th Framework Program, HOLA 2011-2013:7th Framework Programme, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs since 2015). MOST develops new solutions answering the environmental and societal challenges of today’s world, delivers knowledge and resources (tools, experts), supports Polish high-tech enterprises in their development and creates their long term competitive advantage by implementing sustainable solutions.

The above mentioned objectives are realised through various acceleration programmes (Academic Startup League 2018-2020, Warsaw Booster 2020-2023 for over 400 SMEs), tailor made services (over 70 projects in the last 4 years), webinars,  impact-focused workshops (defining viable business models and commercialisation strategies for SMEs). The Foundation has a large network of contacts from the startups sector in Poland and Europe. Each member of our staff has a higher education degree (at least a master’s degree).